You can bring in something beautiful and unique in an already beautiful space and make it extraordinary. This is true to all even your porch. You don’t have to bring in a Decks & Patios of Richmond to make your porch into something even more impressive. Well unless if that is what you’re going for. You can revamp a space by adding a few things in it that will totally blow your breath away. It can be as dramatic as you want or as low-key here are some porch decor that you’ll totally want to have.  

 1. Bar for the outdoors   

Who doesn’t want a bar that you can access pretty easily in the your very porch. You can have something built in if you prefer or have something that isn’t too permanent. For example you can use a cart to put the drinks in and all you need to do is stock it up with what a bar needs and you have a portable bar for the outdoors.  

 2. An awesome display  

You can use an old ladder with this one and you can put it in the porch. You’ll have to decide what you want to put in the old ladder and then arrange them accordingly. Make sure to paint the old ladder so it’ll fit right in. You can have potted plants like, flowers, herbs and even vegetables on the display.  

 3. Accents are the bomb  

Accented furniture will make your space look good instantly. If you know how to play your card right you’ll be able to see the best without having to go dwarf everything else in the space. You can have accented chairs or tables or even the cushions or the umbrella. It all depends on what you choose as an accent for the space. One thing is clear though they are a beautiful addition to your porch.  

 4. Hanging is chic   

You can try out different furniture or decor with the hanging. You can use a hanging chair or a hanging planter or maybe some fairy lights in the beams. Hanging something in your porch if done right will make the space look chic immediately.  

 5. Double Purpose rocks  

Try looking for decors that has double purpose. For example the table who can also be a fire pit. That is a good addition to your porch most especially that you are not able to have the space. Double purpose items in your porch can be a life saver. You don’t have to cram multiple fixtures in a place that cannot accommodate it.    

Think of all the things that you can try out for your porch. One thing is for sure is that you’ll have to consider first the space you are decorating. Make sure to look for stuff that are also high quality if you are buying. This isn’t easy for most but it is necessary if you want a thing to last longer for you. Just enjoy the process, making your space look amazing can be overwhelming but it is a fun experience.