He is an actor based in Vancouver which is also a filmmaker and director. Born in December 6, 1983, he first worked at GO Studios in Vancouver, Canada. He is also sometimes known as Mike Coleman which is also known as renowned coach to many actors in Canada. He is the oldest among the three brothers and now a proud husband and father of two wonderful young girls. Currently, he is actively playing as “Happy” as one of the seven dwarfs in the ABC Series named “Once Upon a Time”.

Benid the Actor

Michael Coleman as an Entrepreneur

Michael Coleman trusts that diligent work is the driving factor that will influence a business person to end up successful. He may not be the most attractive, tallest, nor sharpest, however he experiences once in a while out of work. He is prepared to get up right on time to promptly begin his difficult day. His evenings are saved for snappy rests so you don’t need day offs.

He feels that his work doesn’t appear to be work at all for he considers it as one of his most prominent delights. He is constantly excited at whatever point he gets the chance to do work. He has no clue what other profession or occupation that offers this sort of remuneration for endeavors.

Michael Coleman Overcoming His Failure

As a business person, he feels that his disappointment isn’t as a rule completely educated of all parts of the business activity. Around then, this would have enabled him to concentrate more on what he specialized in; yet unexpectedly, he was left powerless and more awful, exploited. A business person should never let himself be uninformed of subtleties that convey direct effect to business activities. Regardless of whether there’s someone else specifically in charge of this specific part, still you must be proficient about it for it is your own business. Getting shocked and helpless as results to not knowing the bare essential subtleties of the business ought to never happen to any business person.

What Can He Share to Others?

If he has a business idea in mind, he would like to share that being self-employed is the choice. It is a reminder that if you are not building your dreams, you will be building someone else’s dream. Instead of you being at the top, you are used by somebody else to reach there using your own hard works. You have to educate and share what you are passionate about as many ways to become self-employed. It is not just about earning through your passion but also giving space for others that can be rewarding.

Aside from his life as an actor and filmmaker, he is also actively participating in many charities. This is due to his experience surviving two life-threatening diseases. Now he advocates himself for these charities and organizations. There are many projects Michael’s company involved with. He is the principal partner of the company which has the role of a writer and producer at the same time.