In today’s generation people tend not imagine their life without technology that helped them in all various ways like doing their household chores and make meals. There is this significant change in the field of technology that people notice from the past up to these days that help them. In this, technology has lots of variety and computer is one of the technologies that people use today frequently for a lot of purposes. Games has never been absent on any occasions for this give people a sense of entertainment that make them feel a lot of emotions. 

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Playing computer games has lots of beneficial and this is according to philosophers who studied and watch the progress of a person from not playing one up to maintaining. But on the other hand, spending a very long period of time at computer games can drastically change the status of your health decreasingly. Spending a long period of time playing at a computer can have detrimental effects on your health. For a start, you’re sitting in one position, pressing the same buttons repeatedly, which can lead to hand and eye strain. A long game session can leave you physically tired, affecting your performance at school or work; overall, this could result in lower personal attainment. 

Sometimes playing computer games leads you to a situation wherein you are aggressive on your own. Many computer games require a commitment of time and energy to be finish, and players must give up other pursuits to concentrate on completing their favorite games. Games, such as “Defense of the Ancients” for example, require regular participation to avoid being unsuccessful in the game this result is that players often abandon other hobbies and spend their time on the computer instead. On the other hand, some video games require payments that are utterly expensive and such waste on personal money consumption. 

As gamer, we are taught not to talk to strangers and to be careful on the people we are playing with, but as time goes on, we start developing healthy relationships with others and meeting tons of genuinely good people. It’s easy to become accustomed to encountering helpful people, particularly within a community you feel very comfortable and safe in. In this you are taught to think out of the box and help understand people at all types of races and age. Lastly, you are taught to control your frustration when you seemed to be losing.