Contrary to what other individuals might think, a DIY auto body painting project is not that complicated. If you just know the basic ways on how to make the job done right, then you’re all good on your way of being a knowledgeable vehicle painter. However, there are a lot of techniques and tips you will find advantageous on your part in doing an outstanding job of auto body and paint Concord and these are the following: 

  1. Mask Off Your Vehicle

There are a lot of techniques you can follow in order to make your own auto body painting project look more like it is done by a professional. As a matter of fact, one of the most vital tips is to mask off the vehicle prior to painting. Masking is one of the most essential steps in an auto body paint. In addition to that, it also helps prevent over spray and having paint on any spot that wasn’t supposed to. You should make sure that you mask the surfaces around where you don’t plan on painting.  

Always make sure that you have sealed the joints properly between body panels in order to avoid the spray from coming in between the joints. With the use of a thin plastic too such as a plastic knife, insert the masking tape beneath the corners of any remaining trim such as the windshield. Furthermore, another step to make your DIY auto body painting project look more professional and newer looking is to carefully clean the body of your car. Although this may sound quite easy, how good you clean your vehicle will actually affect the final outcome. 

  1. Familiarize with the Color Code

Finding the appropriate color to paint your vehicle might seem so simple however, it can be very tricky sometimes if you don’t know some of the basic truths regarding car paint colors. Matching auto paint colors all by yourself is a bit hard but you can get the actual and exact kind of color from the original one if you have an idea or knowledge of the car’s color code. Often times, the color code is stamped on your vehicle. It may be found on the glove compartment, underneath the hood of your vehicle or even by the door. The location usually depends on the model or the make of your vehicle.  

Once you have acquired the car color code, you may now ask the manufacturer or the make if they have the variants of color you need. Variances in a color mixture give you subtle alterations in the color. When selecting paint colors of your car, it is also very vital to know that light colors on an auto body is a lot more forgiving to flaws compared to the dark colors wherein almost every flaw of your car is very apparent. 

  1. Clean Your Car Thoroughly and Carefully

One of the most usual errors made in DIY auto painting job isn’t cleaning the auto body thoroughly. Some individuals tend to ignore this method nonetheless, washing, rinsing as well as drying your vehicle will basically help you determine the damages of your auto body.